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To be or not to be

If you’ve got kids in the house who absolutely hate their English teachers because they keep yelling at them to stop using “to be” verbs, this blog is for you (and them). Because I’m on their side.

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Can AI write an executive summary?

The most renowned AI bot, ChatGPT, has even passed exams from law and business schools and recently aced the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam. Impressive, but can AI write an executive summary? Let’s see.

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Lucky Finds

Imagine you’re about to email an important client when, just before the cursor touches the send button, you see it – you wrote area manger

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Warning: Hearts Will Break

While we understand the desire to place emphasis on words within your content, unnecessary capitalization can portray amateurish writing and improper use of grammar – not to mention it can confuse (or, worse, infuriate) your reader.

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Resolving to Stop These Errors

We’re a full week into 2023 now, but it will be months before I stop accidentally writing 2022. A few years ago, I accidentally wrote 1994. But I’m not the only one making mistakes around here.

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Know the Rules

Know the Rules (to Break)

The English language is constantly evolving. Every year, new words and definitions are added to the dictionary to account for developing terminology and shifting meanings. We adjust based on our culture, and those changes affect grammar, too.

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Bloodcurdling Buzzwords

It’s October, which means it’s almost Halloween! Time for ghoulish goblins, wacky witches and menacing monsters!  I love all the scary aspects of the month,

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