Elizabeth Burr

Did you miss us last month?

Actually, don’t answer that. I might not like the answer – especially if it sounds anything like, “New laptop. Who dis?”

While we didn’t intend to leave so abruptly, it is with great sadness that I announce today’s blog is the last in our regularly scheduled programming. After four years of monthly updates on everything from apostrophe usage to compelling executive summary introductions to incorrect (and sometimes hilarious) spellings, the CCS writing and editing team is shifting our focus to providing more specific, on-demand training.

That said, this isn’t goodbye. The English language is constantly changing, which I know anyone with kids understands – even if you don’t understand what “yeet” means. No cap.

Because we’re all still here reading proposals day in and day out, there’s bound to be times when we pop in to discuss a common grammatical error we’re seeing or a new way to improve your writing. Or, given AI’s exponential growth, how to communicate effectively with robots.

But, if you need anything in the meantime – not sure whether it’s lay or lie; curious if you’ve written something that will get you canceled; need to punch up an email to a prospective client – drop us a line.


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Elizabeth Burr

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