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you are what you listen to

Music to My Ears

If the words you are writing are likely the same words of your competitors, how can you set yourself apart? Easy. Sound different.

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Let’s talk about LOVE

Just as everyone wants to be in love, everyone wants to feel included. But have you ever stopped to think about how language can be used to promote (or hinder) inclusion?

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The Case of CamelCase

Every sales rep knows there are numerous reasons we can lose a bid. One of the silliest is misspelling the client’s name. After all, it should be fairly easy to avoid, right? Just Google it. Well, not so fast.

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Writing for non-creatives

Humans are natural storytellers; the issue is many of us don’t think about nonfiction writing – emails, executive summaries, etc. – as storytelling simply because it doesn’t feature dragons or other exciting elements that we think make a good story.

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